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Dead by Daylight Lobby Sweat Guesstimator v2.1.0 : a step in the right direction.

Requires the .NET Framework 4.7.2.
In order to offset the loss of full automation, this version now monitors the clipboard for copied text and parse it for profile URI or SteamID.
Only text that can be parsed as an integer or that start with "http" will be considered. Anything else will be ignored.
I've also added a speech synthetizer so you don't need to always Alt-Tab.
Get it here.


Dead by Daylight Lobby Sweat Guesstimator v2.0.0 : I've made a new version of the program to make it work again, although less easily than before.
The typical use for me is to open all the user profiles in the game, then copy one URL, Alt-Tab to the Guesstimator, paste, Alt-Tab into the game, and so on.
It's still way faster than checking manually.


Dead by Daylight Lobby Sweat Guesstimator v1.1.1


Dead by Daylight Lobby Sweat Guesstimator v1.0.3


I've finally decided to make the Dead by Daylight Lobby Sweat Guesstimator available for people who want to avoid their game ruined by cheat survive with friends (SWF).
The program doesn't touch to the executable, running or not : using it should be "OK" (but don't quote me on that)
It only shows what you can find by clicking on the profiles in the lobby and doesn't guarantee results. It's just faster than clicking, reading and sorting it out.
To use it, decompress the archive in any directory you want and run it.
Hopefully the interface is intuitive enough.

I've not maintained this page for years ...
The link to the HL2DM player bot plugin 1.3.4 (HRCBOT) from 2013 remains but I don't know if it works of if the API has changed. I don't even know if people still play HL2DM ^_^;;